Lat: 43° 42'32"N Lon: 7° 20'13"E  
Cruise speed : kn
Fuel consumption : L/h
Fuel rate :
Units : 

Distance : 0 NM
Duration : 0 hrs
Fuel consumption : 0 L
Cruise fuel rate : 0
no path

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This service helps you plan routes with you vessel by assessing the duration, fuel consumption and cost of your trip.

You have to setup the characteristics of your vessel in the [Setup] menu according on yours.

Your data is stored on your computer in a cookie for a 30-day period. Nothing is stored on the server, this service is totally anonymous.

You can draw a path by clicking on the map with your mouse. the pas is editable : you can drag the plots and delete them by right clicking on it. You can also add a plot in the middle of the path by clicking a segment.

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